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Natural Supplements & 
Alternative Treatments

Below you will find a list of my favorite supplements with some great information about the supplement and how to use it.  

Omega 3 fatty acids

These essential oils provide the brain cells with a coating that is necessary to keep them flexible. Omega 3 fatty acids improve depression, bipolar, memory, and irritability. They also lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and help prevent many health problems including cancer, stroke, skin and eye disease. Most products don’t have the right ingredients for mental health, so check the list of approved products below.

Raw Fish
Fruits and Vegetables


NAC is a key antioxidant in the brain that works to prevent aging and damage to brain cells. Food sources include oats, broccoli, bananas, soy beans, and wheat germ. NAC works better than medication for compulsive hair-pulling (trichotillomania). It also helps with skin-picking, acne, depression, memory, and a variety of addictions including marijuana, alcohol, nicotine, and gambling. It has been used in medicine for many years to treat lung disease and may lower the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Woman Picking Fruit


Sensoril is a specially formulated extract of an Indian form of ginseng (also knowns as Ashwagandha or Withania somnifera). It is one of few treatments that improves cognitive functioning in bipolar disorder. People who took it had better short term memory, faster mental responses, and sharper intuitive thinking. It also improved brain growth in the memory center, called the hippocampus.


Lavender is traditionally thought of as a scent or aromatherapy.  However, it also comes in a capsule form and lavender helps anxiety and sleep.  In fact, lavender extract is regularly prescribed in Germany as a medication for anxiety.  A large study found that this oral form was twice as effective as a standard anxiety medications (paroxetine, Paxil).

Lavender Fields
Indian Spices


Ginger has long been used to improve nausea, and can be taken safely with psychiatric medications to reduce that side effect. Most ginger ale products do not have natural ginger in them, but you’ll find effective sources of dietary ginger as well as aromatherapy and capsule forms in the guide below.  

Capsules probiotic on a wooden spoon and bowl with homemade yogurt on light blue backgroun


Probiotics are the healthy bacteria that are necessary to keep our gut healthy.  Many people take them for gastrointestinal health, and studies have found they can also reduce inflammation and anxiety. Research also shows that the brain and gut are connected and a healthy gut is key for optimal mental health.  

Capsules probiotic on a wooden spoon and bowl with homemade yogurt on light blue backgroun
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