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Psychologist Session

Meet Jennifer

I am a psychiatric nurse practitioner with experience working with adults and children in both community mental health and private practice settings.  Before obtaining my Master’s degree in nursing, I worked as a registered nurse in a variety of clinical areas including oncology, critical care, and telemetry within the hospital setting.  I consider myself a life-long learner and I am always reading the latest research in psychiatry to help my clients achieve optimal mental health and wellness results.  I offer my clients a unique approach combining dietary recommendations, supplements, and medications to help them achieve the best results in both physical and mental health.  

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Serving Children, Adolescents, and Adults 

Practice Areas


Psychiatric Evaluation


I pride myself on being very thorough in my evaluation process.  I spend a full hour getting to know each of my clients so that I can really understand each persons unique history and needs.  This allows me to create a plan focusing on results in the present and in the future.  



I provide medication recommendations and treatment plans based on peer-reviewed research.  I do not allow the pharmaceutical industry to influence my recommendations.  

I often incorporate therapy into my medication management sessions.  Each follow-up session is 30 minutes in length so that clients don't feel rushed and leave feeling heard. 


Substance Abuse

I work with clients on the road to recovery from alcohol and gambling addiction.  My goal is to help clients maintain their long-term sobriety through close monitoring.  


Child & Adolescent  Psychotherapy

I have many children and teen clients.  I understand the unique challenges of growing up in a society driven by technology and social media pressures.  

Practice Areas
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